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    Roots of Empathy

    At Gibson one of our school goals is to improve students' abilities to solve problems peacefully. One of the research-based programs we introduced three years ago is Roots of Empathy. Our PAC has generously supported funding in the program again this year. Currently Kindergarten and Grade 4 classes are participating in the program. This includes 4 mothers and their babies as well as trained staff members as facilitators. Truly a school based effort, the School Counsellor Laurie Lum, Kindergarten Teacher Linda Hodgins, and Grade 7 Teacher Donna Mack deliver this program.

    Students have been learning, through the specific themes of the program, such important information as how to care and plan for the baby, how to read emotions in babies and how we all express our own emotions, and what role sleep plays in both babies and older children. The real interaction of the Family Visit and the authentic stories of the children also build emotional literacy.

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