Gibson Elementary School

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The Primary Home Reading Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A powerful predictor of success in school is whether children have read/been read to regularly at home. A regularly scheduled time such as just before bedtime, has been found to be successful. Reading becomes a habit when it is part of a daily routine.

Please help us give our daily home reading program a boost. All families are encouraged to join us in trying to reach the goal set our in each primary classroom.

We would like all primary students to participate. Parents will be kept informed and encouraged to support our home reading program. There are individual and class reading goals for each division. Students are encouraged to make a personal reading goal each month and work toward a class goal with all class members participating. Ask your son/daughter what their home reading goal is at the start of each week and help them track and montior their reading time daily on the monthly checklist.

To succeed in today’s world, it is important that your child learns to read well. We appreciate your time and commitment to reading. Your encouragement in reading reinforces that reading takes place at home as well as at school and has an important place in our lives. One of the best ways to reinforce this goal is to have your child read to you, you read to them, or take turns reading together. It's great quality family time!


The Primary Gibson Elementary Staff.