Gibson Elementary School

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For Students

 Welcome to Gibson, a great place to learn. At Gibson Elementary School we give students many opportunities to learn to lead. Our staff believes that if our students are to be strong leaders and agents of change to make our world better, they must be given the chance to learn and use leadership skills. Students play an important role in building school spirit and developing a "sense of place" at Gibson. Students have leadership responsibilities that are expressed in terms of community.

Student Leadership

There are several different formal on-going "teams" where students can advise on, plan, or carry out events and activities around the school. This does not include a number of informal opportunities for students to be the driving force behind initiatives important to them and their environment. Besides the more common teams of office monitoring , student greeters, and intermediate lunch monitors, we offer students a chance to be on the Audio-Visual team, We leaders, the Green Team,  Daily Physical Activity leaders, Spirit Day Leaders, and Special Events leaders. In these roles, students are helpful in providing guidance to one another and function as mentors for other students.

All our teams are highly visible in the school and facilitate a significant number of activities to make the school a better place. Students can see first-hand what their ideas and efforts can do to make a difference. For example, our Green Team, is the driving force behind daily school wide recycling, and raises awareness on energy consumption and other environmental issues through assemblies, posters, PA announcements, and monitoring energy consumption. This year we are starting a Waste Free Lunch initiative, where students will pack out any lunch waste that they pack in.

Social Responsibility

On a personal level, leading is also about making connections. Developing a responsible, caring and compassionate attitude is a Core Value at Gibson. Participating in local and global community efforts help students learn how to make lasting changes. This school year Gibson students are making giant steps toward this goal by participating in several projects or fundraising efforts with great optimism and enthusiasm.

The Gift of Giving - Our Grade 6 and 7 students in Divisions 1-4, several staff members and the larger community decided to adopt a family in need. Hundreds of dollars were raised and household appliances and household items, gifts and food were donated. Congratulations to all the students, staff, parents and members  of our larger community in leading the way by being compassionate, respectful individuals who take care of one another.