Gibson Elementary “Progress Stories” Around Assessment & Growth Mindset

Oct 26

Our Framework for Enhancing Student Learning focus is “If we use Assessment for Learning (Formative), will students take ownership of their learning?”

With inquiry base learning and student engagement – it’s seemingly connected to assessment – especially when students have a voice with the learning target they are focusing on. Teachers and students are making these targets visible in classrooms as well as their personal progress using a 3 point or 4 point scale or “arrow” similar to the image below.

As students work through a Big Idea they are looking for reflective feedback from peers, themselves and the teacher. They continually work through these 3 essential questions:

  1. WHAT are you learning?
  2. HOW is it going?
  3. WHERE to next?

Parents will be getting a pamphlet home entitled “Talking About Learning with Your Family” which lays out some questions to ask your child about their learning day at school. Your child is familiar with these 3 Essential Questions:

Here are some of our exciting “progress stories” recently posted on our schools Inquiry Blog about learning targets and growth mindset happening in our classrooms.

These progress stories are examples of what each grade cohort is trying and the images/comments captured on this blog show off  the exciting professional learning for students and teachers at Gibson.

Please take a look at our “progress stories.”