Welcome to our Website!

Mar 16


Welcome to Gibson’s website!

Here, you will find our educational experiences, learning celebrations and news releases here. Please check out our new site as it is meant to be user friendly that will have frequent updates and useful information for parents and students. Your feedback is always welcome.

Parents’ requests for 2018-19? Check under the Parent Community tab and open up Parent Information for a PDF notice on how you can make your request during the month of April.

Classroom teacher blogs? Check under the Student Life tab and open up Classroom/Teacher Blogs if your child’s teacher has an on-line blog page.

What is our school goals? Check under the Our School tab and open up About Our School.

Do you want to know more about Gibson Elementary in general? Check under the Our School tab and open up my Principal’s Message.

We will return from Summer break on TUESDAY, September 4 at 9am. See you then!