Student Safety



When visiting the school or the classroom, we request that you sign in with the office as you arrive and receive a ‘Visitor’ badge. If you are sending someone else to pick up your children, please inform the classroom teacher or the office of this intent.


Please call the absentee line (answering machine) at 604-572-5968. You may also contact the school at 604-594-7588, or email to report your child’s absence (


In fairness to all, please do not send your child to school if there are definite signs of ill health in the morning. We have neither the facilities nor the personnel to care for sick children. Good health is necessary for effective learning. Students should also come to school with adequate lunches to help sustain them during the day. A child who is hungry will find it difficult to concentrate on the learning tasks given in class.

For students who become ill during the day, our policy is to get students who are ill home as soon as possible. Our practice will be to call parents and ask that the student be either picked up or given parental permission to go home. For this reason, it is important that parents keep work and emergency numbers current – see Parent Connect.


On occasion we have been asked by a parent to ensure their child receives prescribed medication. Please be aware that in order to do so, we require the completion of the Request for of Medication at School Form. These can be obtained at the office, and need to be updated annually.


Regular fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills (Code Yellow) will be held throughout the year to practice student safety procedures.


Parents are asked to review the safest route to school with their children. “Stranger Danger” education should be part of this discussion. Parents should also discuss the importance of knowing the whereabouts of their children before and after school. Students should also be reminded that they are not to leave school premises during school hours without written permission.


Students may enter the building using the appropriate Pod doors when they hear the warning bells. Please ensure that your child does not arrive at school prior to 8:40a.m when teacher supervision begins. Only those students with a specific supervised purpose (i.e. library use, computer lab, extra-curricular activities) may enter the school earlier than 8:40 a.m. These students are asked to enter the school using the front door when going to the gym or the outside door in the undercover area to go to the library.

At all other times the front door is for the exclusive use of adults.


We work with Delta Police to ensure the safety of our students to and from school – especially when it comes to vehicle traffic. In 2014, new traffic signs and procedures were installed for the new crosswalk (i.e. No U Turns on 90th Ave., No Stopping OR Pick up and Drop off parking on 90th Ave in front of the school, No Access into the school round about or parking lot). The new regulations are for student safety, not for the convenience of parent drivers.
Ideally, to eliminate traffic issues and to promote healthy living, we encourage children to walk to school or ride their bikes in a group and on a safe route.
Otherwise, we hope parents respect the parking/traffic regulations and respect the new signage. To reduce congestion, please arrive early if you’re driving as the school does provide supervision starting outside at 8:40 am for your child(ren)’s safety once dropped off.
Remember, student safety comes first and we hope parents can understand the Gibson situation.