All parents and guardians of students registered in the school are automatically voting members of the PAC. The School Act provides parents the right, through the PAC, to assume an advisory role in the school.


PACs are an integral part of a school. For example, the PAC may:

Assist by providing input to the development of educational priorities for the school
Promote and encourage parent and community participation in the school
Provide volunteers and fundraising activities to enhance the school experience for students
Provide a communication link between the school and the community
Help identify the concerns of students, parents, and community members and assist in developing solutions

There are a variety of PAC positions.  They are:

President – Julia Allen (

Vice-President – Melissa Houle (

Treasurer – Grant Hibbs (

Secretary – Gurdeep Bassra (

DPAC – Bob Nath (


There are also volunteer positions, and those may be for:

Hot Lunch

Movie Nights

Bingo Nights

Concessions (Sports Day)

Class Parent

If you are interested or have questions about any of the positions, please contact