Staff Directory

Staff List for 2020/21

Principal Ms. Potter
Vice-Principal Mr. Penny
Admin. Assistant Ms. Deane
Admin. Assistant (Tuesday/Wed/Thursday) Ms. Kupsch
Division Grade Name
1 6/7 Ms. Classen
2 6/7 Ms. Borman
3 6/7 Mr. Furtado
4 5/6 Ms. Nelson
5 5/6 Ms. Lewis
6 4/5 Mr. Kamaszewski
7 4/5 Ms. Chahal
8 3/4 Ms. Grewal
9 3 Ms. Crockett/Ms. Gill
10 3 Ms. Tracey
11 2/3 Ms. Abtahi
12 1/2 Ms. Zacharias
13 1/2 Ms. Chang
14 1 Ms.Ketchum
15 1 Ms. Villegas
16 K Ms. Hannah
17 K Ms. Delisle
18 2/3 EFI Mme C
19 K/1
Mme Davison
Physical Education Ms. Morley-Brigden
Learning Support Teachers Ms. Jung,  Mr. Penny, Ms. MacDonald, Ms. Lovison, Ms. Reisinger, Ms. Morley-Brigden
Teacher Librarian Ms. Yan
Grade 6/7 Music  and Band Teacher Mr. Dibbley
Education Assistants Mrs. Ostafiew, Ms. Evanson, Ms. D’Souza, Ms. Dhillon, Ms. Hunjan, Ms. Chupa, Mr. Teixeira, Ms. Arhadou
Custodians Ms. Thind & Mr. Dhillon
Noon Hour Supervisors Ms. Bath, Ms. Hambly, Ms. Valencia, Ms. Rashid,  Ms. Parmar, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Gill
Crossing Guard Ms. Bath
Family Resource Centre Ms. Clark, Ms. Rose
Counsellor Ms. Sharma
District Psychologist Ms. Saip
Inclusion Team Teacher Ms. Robinson
Multicultural Worker Mrs. Sidhu
Speech Pathologist Ms. Gasmen
Child and Youth Care Worker Ms. Elyaakoubi